Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Idea

Just was struck by inspiration! What do my fellow bloggers think of the prospect of entering the positions and games from some middlegame manual like Silman's Reassess Your Chess into Chess Position Trainer. In this way, you could not only get the benefit of reading through the games once, but from then on you could easily access any part of the book by simply going to the repertoire of the game, rather than having to set up a chess board, etc. Just thinking...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hectic Life!

I have been running quite a few track meets in the last few weeks, the last one being yesterday. I'm a distance runner, so I run the 800 (half-mile), 1600 (mile), and, for the first time yesterday, the 3200 (two-mile). Yesterday was the North Bay League finals for the Sonoma County area. I ran ok in the mile, a solid time but not a PR, coming in at approximately 4:50. That time and place wasn't good enough to advance to North Coast Section championships, but the two-mile was yet to come. And in my first 3200 ever, I ran a 10:26 to qualify for the NCS championships next Saturday. Really fun.

Chess-wise, I have been playing continuously but not studying. If I can get some more PCT in on a regular basis I will be much more happy. Other than that, nothing to report!

Thank you for all of your input on the colleges. Always great to hear other opinions.

I tried the BDG the other day and had a fun win. I'll try it out some more to get used to it. The Panther, from King of the Spill's post, also looks interesting. I will be checking that out some more too.