Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Change

Well, with my CTS success rating dropping from 60% to about 58%, I tried to focus on just getting the problem right, no matter how long it took. But then my rating started to fall too. So, I need to give the technique more of a try, but it's been discouraging thus far. I think I will consider 10,000 tries on CTS one circle, similar I think to what tempo has done. I may be nearing 1,000! Alright!


At 8:01 AM, Blogger sciurus said...

CTS ratings seem to put a very high emphasis on speed. Let's say you need 30+ seconds to solve a problem. That does not sound too bad, but as far as the CTS ratings are computed it is practically as bad as playing the wrong move. Thus I am afraid that your rating will definitely decrease further when you try to solve more problems correctly.
BTW, inspired by temposchlucker and you, I started to do some daily CTS "workout". I just crossed the 1000 tries mark, too, but my ratings are much lower (around 1050).


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