Saturday, April 15, 2006

Position from a recent game

I have been able to do more and more tactical training with the Personal Chess Trainer. I'm getting back into it, which is beneficial and fun.

I recently played a game with a friendly 1800 player, as black, and the position after the 22nd move the position was at a junction:

Which move is best?

22. ... gxh6,
22. ... Bxe1, or
22. ... Nf6

Why? I made the worst move and was promptly punished. :)


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Well, my first thought was for sure gxh6 is bad.

Nf6 seemed to be the obvious choice not because I understood the move but because it was the one I thought I saw the least advantage so it must be right, but I doubt I would have played it.

I thought Bxe1 was best because when White retakes with Qxe1, than Black can play gxh6 and win material.

However, I set the position up on Shredder and White would completely ignore the Bishop on e1 and move immediately Qg4, threatening the mate. Shredder puts White up 1.54 pawns, so obviously Bxe1 is wrong.

When I played Nf6, Shredder scored it at a draw with White slightly better. It's because after Nf6, Black plays Ne8, protecting the g pawn and then can take Be1 later.

Then I played gxh6 and Shredder scored it dead even.

So then I let Shredder play the move and he chose gxh6. . .

Go figure. . .

At 7:43 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

anything but Bxe1 which loses immediately!! (as Jim noted) yikes indeed.

Nf6 looks good but the problem becomes how to get rid of the lame bishop which will be an endgame liability. so perhaps we encourage the trade with gxh6 intending Kh7 and then piling up on the g-file. if white tries to close with Pg4 then maybe we can try for Nf6-h5-f4 while Pg4 is pinned.

kudos to you for posting a mistake. ego gets in the way of improvement, for me anyway.

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best is Qd8, unless the computer demonstrates the contrary ?

if Qg4, Qf6 -+ Black is safe while two white pieces are en prise.
if Rf1, gxh6, Qg4+ Qg5 -+
if Be3, B*e1 -+


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