Saturday, January 01, 2005

Day 6 - My Work Pays Off

Today, I played 5 games of chess at Yahoo and won all 5. I also did a Concentic Square after missing 2 days, but the exercises went without a glitch in under 15 minutes. It seems that the CS, Knight Sight, and the Mate Exercises in the 6-Circles are paying off. I tried playing on FICS, but they were blitz games that I lost. It seems to me that blitz games depend a lot on opening knowledge. I have knowledge of most classical openings, but in fast games with unorthodox openings, I take too long due to my confusion. I tried to play normal, good moves, but I take too long to think and eventually blunder away a piece. It's very frustrating!!! It may be due to inexperience or a lack of confidence, or maybe I was just tired. Any ideas/contributions regarding how to play under such conditions?????

.5 hr. completed, 6.5 total (rating 1465! on Yahoo)

I did 57 problems.
It's now 482 out of 1533, 1051 to go.


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