Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Day 2

1 hour completed, 2.5 total (rating same)

I did 3 CS and 1 KS. The CS is much easier than yesterday. I bought "365 Ways to Checkmate" and "The ChessCafe Puzzle Book" at Borders today. The 1st book has - surprise! - 365 checkmate puzzles in 5 livels of difficulty, and the 2nd book has 565 tactics problems with exercises, tests, and problems covering the opening and the endgame, all in order of difficulty. I'm thinking that I will make a total of 1030 by also using dejascacchi's Tactical Combinations (the 1st easy set of 100). I was also thinking that Circles 2 and 1 will have to occur on a fishing trip or something else. I also might need to just split them up among several days.


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