Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Day 23

I am planning on doing the Tactics-Endgames-Middlegame Strategy-Openings training (as mentioned in Day 22). This plan seems to cover everything in chess, and also provides a distinct plan. It seems that, in chess at least, I need a detailed and structured plan to guide me away from aimless wandering from chess book to chess book. It also helps if the plan is formulated or suggested by someone other than myself. I find that when I make a plan for myself, I have a hard time sticking to it. I will just have to stand strong when I have to make additions or change the T-E-MS-O plan and modify the Maza plan to fit into the T-E-MS-O.

My technique when I play chess is to develop and centralize my pieces and wait for a tactical opportunity or a mistake. I don't think that this is the best way to play chess. Hopefully, when I study middlegames and openings, I will have a better idea of where to put my pieces. Right now, I just move the e- and d-pawns, bring out my knights at c3 and f3, my bishops out, castle, centralize my rooks, and play on. I would enjoy feedback from the other knights as to your technique/thought process/plan that you use each game.

Today I did 10 problems from "365 Ways to Checkmate."

73 days left
1 hr. completed, 21.5 total
848 out of 1533, 685 left


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